Our mission is to enlighten lives with the healing touch of the Archangels and Ascended Masters.

Ascending Angels channel love, guidance and healing energy of all Beloved Light Beings with guided words and sound in a loving, safe, nurturing space.

Join us on a workshop to relax, receive and feel how wonderfully divine you are.

The attunements/transmissions we channel for you lets your Light centre expand as you awaken and feel more light inside, bringing forth your Light self into a heavenly physical manifestation.

We recognise we are FREE – We FEEL abundance – We feel LOVE – We feel LIGHT - We are ONE.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Happy New Year

A few words spring to mind and i would like to share them!


Magnificent light, so bright and so darling,
With a heart full to the brim,
It shines so many colours,
It makes you want to sing

Pink and hazy hearts,
glowing essence of golden and white,
Our love forever growing,

Ah, LOVE is always there
as you are always luminescent
Even when it may seem a little dark
KEEP SHINING, radiance is yours.
You are blessed, You are blessed, You are blessed.

Lets fill this year with visions so we can create, transforming our lives and the universe to become even more beautiful to live in.