Our mission is to enlighten lives with the healing touch of the Archangels and Ascended Masters.

Ascending Angels channel love, guidance and healing energy of all Beloved Light Beings with guided words and sound in a loving, safe, nurturing space.

Join us on a workshop to relax, receive and feel how wonderfully divine you are.

The attunements/transmissions we channel for you lets your Light centre expand as you awaken and feel more light inside, bringing forth your Light self into a heavenly physical manifestation.

We recognise we are FREE – We FEEL abundance – We feel LOVE – We feel LIGHT - We are ONE.

Saturday, 4 December 2010

December is upon us

My darlings,

what a wonderfully spectacular snowfall many of us around the country have had! Of course along the way upset and discourse occurs, but the snow is so simply beautiful to look at, that we really must learn to love the beauty that nature gives to us.

You maybe feeling hazy from cabin fever, or have iced toes, but among the havoc that has descended during this snowfall, we need to stop! Take a moment to feel and BREATHE.

Breathe in to your heart centre, breathe and find the place inside you, that allows you to receive, allows your divinity to shine through, allows you to JUST BE.

As December moves forward and you start to feel exhausted from busy shopping days, Christmas parties, or generally being busy, REMEMBER to set sometime aside for you and FEEL!!



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