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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Lord Melchizedek Rainbow Rays Healing Transmission

1st May 2010Channelling commences 7pm and ends 7am 2nd May 2010 from London, UK

Our guidance is that this transmission be free of charge so that you can receive a sense of the energies that we are channelling. We will be creating a recorded meditation and picture code, if you wish to receive either or both of these please visit http://www.ascendingangels.com/rainbow_transmission.asp and click the buy now button to submit your donation of £5 for each. If you wish to participate in this transmission and do not wish to donate simply send an email to caroline@ascendingangels.com headed Lord Melchizedek Rainbow Rays with your full name and location.

Here is a message from Lord Melchizedek and Quan Yin speaking of the Rainbow Rays.

Let me connect with you now, I AM Lord Melchizedek and I am a Universal Light Master. I am a Lord of Light and sit on the Council of Light. I am working with the Unified Ascended Masters to progress Earth through safe passage into our known light Universe. You beings, your planet are dimensionalising, you are taking a huge leap forward in your light consciousness, some of you feel this leap and fear it, you imagine this leap will damage your planet in some manner, that she will create destruction and death in order to grow. You judge your people and assess that some are not enlightened enough to step forward in their physical form, in this moment you are judging yourselves and perhaps fearing that you too may not be able to ascend in your current physical form.

Change occurs, change happens, this leap of ascension is happening, your light consciousness is rising and you are growing and recognising your truth more and more. Illusions are being revealed and life patterns are changing to create new harmonies. As you step ever closer on your path of ascension you will progress through many patterns of change in which you will experience resistance, denial, grief, acceptance and then a clearer light of harmony until the next wave of illusion arises from the depth of your being for a light to shine upon it and for you to consider, to challenge this truth and recognise it as mere illusion, a memory of disharmony and shadow.

Your journey on this path of ascension is one that you are creating and choosing the challenges that you wish to encounter. Just as Earth, your planet’s journey is a reflection of your own. She will not destruct, she will experience challenges, there will be upheaval, denial, resistance, yes for some there is a time of departure from their physical form yet this belief of chaos on a massive scale, this belief of Mother Earth, mother nature showing her power through destruction on a global scale is simply an illusion of resistance and denial for the light ascension that is occurring. Fear not, dear children of Earth, you are safe and we are guiding you and helping you to choose light, to choose to create a wonderful journey, a beautiful Earth with your light.

Yes, you, you are the creators of Earth, you imagine and create this your planet, you are at one with it. When you hurt, Earth hurts, when you fear, Earth fears, when you choose to show your power to dominate and destroy, Earth shows her power to dominate and destroy. Earth reflects you, she reflects your inner thoughts, Earth is a reflection of all her light beings, it is through you that we bring light to Earth, as we connect to you through your light consciousness we are using you as a transmitter to connect to Mother Gaia, Earths light consciousness and she in return uses you as a transmitter to connect to us – we are ONE.

Now I speak to you of the Rainbow Rays, these are rays of rainbow light. Your light creation, your physical form consists of a vast number of cells which each consist of a vast number of light colours, therefore when I pass the Rainbow Rays through your being they expand out into your physical presence, your physical body to bring a vast array of rainbow colour to illuminate and enlighten what is already present within your colourful body. You will shine with a clearer light, shadow will be illumined and dissolved as light colour is passed through for your cells to recognise, accept and absorb. As you allow these Rainbow Rays to pass through your being to Earth, she will also experience and enlightening of colour, allowing her shadow to be lifted as colour returns to regenerate lightless cells.

Connecting to you in accordance of the Light Code and with the aid of the Unified Ascended Masters and the Arch-Angelic Realm, I, Lord Melchizedek, Archangel Metatron, Ascended Master St. Germain, Quan Yin and the Elohim will be channelling this transmission of Rainbow Rays on the 1st May 2010. There will be 7 waves commencing at 7pm and completing at 7am on the 2nd May 2010. Between the hours of 7pm on the 1st May 2010 and 7am on the 2nd May 2010 we ask you to take approximately 30 minutes of quiet time to sit and connect with the energy of the rays that we are transmitting through you. This will give opportunity for your body to consciously assimilate the energies of the rays and allow more enlightenment of inner truth.

We have asked Caroline & Donna of Ascending Angels to channel and be the Earth Masters of this transmission, we will guide them to create a recorded meditation for you if you wish to use this as an aid during your quiet, focus time and we also ask Aminya to once again create a code for you to also use as an aid.

We honour you with this Ray as a blessing of light to draw your focus to Ascending Angels, to Shekinah Melchizedek to recognise the light work they are channelling so that you may choose to trust their light, their guidance in exploring your own light truth. Therefore we wish there be no fee for this transmission yet we request a honouring to Donna, to Caroline, Ascending Angels, to Shekinah Melchizedek for their role in this transmission and therefore request a donation of £5 for the recorded meditation and £5 for the coded picture.

Let me now clarify, this rainbow ray transmission is a blessing which once you have received on the 1st May you may repeat as often as you wish, the codes will have been placed into your body for you to re-access and re-receive these rainbow rays. A recorded meditation and coded picture will be made available for you through Ascending Angels should you wish to use these, they are not essential to you receiving this transmission simply an aid we recommend especially if you intend to repeat this transmission in the future.

May waves of love-light be shined upon you, we see you in your truth and honour the beautiful Earth-Light being that you are, that we are – for dear child we are ONE. Recognise the light within and you are recognising your divinity.

Channelled from Lord Melchizedek & Quan Yin 13/4/10

For more information and to make a donation please visit http://www.ascendingangels.com/rainbow_transmission.asp if you have any questions please contact caroline@ascendingangels.com thank you.
Image supplied by Lisa Iris, with thanks.

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  1. Lord Melchizedek Rainbow Ray Healing Distance Transmission - 1st May 2010

    I was away in an idyllic estate in Kent when I received the transmission. I kind of forgot that they were due to be sent as I was on a weekend yoga retreat, but as I look back now what happened at the time of the attunement was very special. I had a very strong urge to go outside at around 7-7.30pm and I was gazing over the South downs, looking at a herd of cows believe or not, and the energy I felt was amazing I knew I was in the country and in an idyllic spot but I have been in that situation many times and did not feel the level of joy and expansiveness that I felt then.

    After that point, we had some activities and I did not get a chance to become still until 9.30- 10pm. At this time, I became very aware that the transmissions were taking place and as soon as that happened, I felt a rush of attunement’s enter into my 3rd eye, I lost count but it probably was 7.. it was a powerful experience. I then rested for the night and the next day felt fantastic, it also felt that I was clearer in several ways and had let go of thought patterns that no longer were serving me. Thank You 