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Ascending Angels channel love, guidance and healing energy of all Beloved Light Beings with guided words and sound in a loving, safe, nurturing space.

Join us on a workshop to relax, receive and feel how wonderfully divine you are.

The attunements/transmissions we channel for you lets your Light centre expand as you awaken and feel more light inside, bringing forth your Light self into a heavenly physical manifestation.

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Saturday, 10 April 2010

Post - Archangel Metatron Healing Ray Transmission

To you who joined us for the Archangel Metatron Healing Ray Transmission, we hope you enjoyed it. In the following 21 days you will be experiencing a cleansing throughout your whole body. Archangel Metatron asks that you connect with him each day for these 21 days, follow the meditation and meditate on the image (created by http://www.shekinah-melchizedek.co.uk/).
The following is a message that I received shortly after channelling the transmission.

Now, now is the time that I connect to you, open, open your arms and embrace the light of Earth, embrace the light of the Angels. We are your guides, we are channels of knowledge and wisdom to you, we are evolved and enlightened, through the absorption of your inner pain we learn the suffering of man, the suffering of Earth.
In allegiance with the intergalactic star realms, the universal light masters and your Earth ascended masters we create these patterns of light illumination to shine through your body, to reveal, to dissolve and rewrite shadow that is the karmic patterning of, this your life past and also your forefathers.
Each light illumination has an individual format and therefore connects one to an individual energetic being representing all enlightened conscious light matter. Their structure carry waves of new dna patterning to be absorbed where the body is ready for this removal of illusion.
As one follows the written meditation, as one listens to the codes within the sound of recorded meditation, as one focuses on the format of the coded picture ones body is reminded of the light patterning of the ray transmission and opportunity is created for the body to release the old patterning and absorb a new light pattern. We recommend to you that each time you connect to the ray, now held within your being, that you create the intention to raise your body patterning to its highest potential. The light energy of the ray will begin to lose its brilliance after 21 days, this is why we ask for you to focus daily for this period of time as this will maximise your healing potential.
The light ray patterning will only try to re format patterns that are holding one in a space of discomfort or unhealthy illusion, it will not attempt to re format any patterns that are supporting you on your Earth journey.
We thank you for allowing us to bring these transmissions to you, we are honoured to be a part of your journey here on Earth.We love you, we are One.
Channelled from Metatron, 10.20pm, 10/4/10
Watch this space for information of the next Healing Ray Transmission on the 10th May 2010, guided by Archangel Jophiel.

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