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Thursday, 25 March 2010

Archangel Metatron Healing Ray Transmission

image by www.shekinah-melchizedek.co.uk

10th April 2010
Channelling at 10pm BST

I have been guided that from this date, 10th April 2010, and on the 10th of each month following, with the exception of 10th October I have the opportunity to channel a clear transmission through to you distantly from the Archangels.

Metatron speaks now of these waves of transmissions of the Archangel Healing Rays.

Many years ago we came to you, Caroline. We spoke to you and shared with you our Healing Rays. We requested of you that you share these with the world, with your Earth. You followed our words and stepped out of the shadow and into the light. Visible to the world you spoke our words, you allowed yourselves to be our representatives, and you allowed us to channel our light, our healing rays through you to others so that we may enlighten their lives, so that we can help them with their life journey. You shared our words of inner truth, of how we can dissolve trauma, release the illusions of judgements, of control, the illusions of many things. And as you gave opportunity for us to connect with, and strengthen the light within others we have been able to bring an even greater inner awakening than ever before.

Now we come to you to ask you to once again be a channel of light. We wish to connect with Earth Beings across your world and we see that you are able and capable of supporting others wherever they may be. With this knowledge we entrust to you now to become a channel of light for our healing rays to shine through you to many, please organise transmissions for waves of our healing rays to enlighten any who wish to receive them. Ask Aminya to channel through code for you to gift with our meditations to follow for 21 days.

Caroline, we will come to you and connect with you at 10pm on the 10th of each month, I, Metatron, will come first, then Jophiel and Tzadkiel. Others will come later. (Metatron 24/3/10)

The value of this code is £25.

Following the Archangel Metatron Healing Ray transmission you will experience a clearing, you will be sent a picture code and meditation to follow for at least 21 days after the transmission. This will strengthen your connection with Archangel Metatron and help you you clear old wounds, patterns and raise your inner light to its highest potential at this time.

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