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Friday, 26 February 2010

20:10 Earth Light Activation Code - Feedback

Here are the messages I have received so far from our 20:10 Earth Light Activation Code receivers, if there have been any questions I have answered these in italics :-)

I remember just as the first activation commenced, I observed Sanat Kumara "drop in" He was a stunning with a bright aura that extended a long distance around his head and body. Colours I remember were gold, straw yellow, white, soft sky blue, soft rose quartz pink... there were some others behind him but I didn't recognise them. but they carried a similar vibe to him. I felt the intention was to connect and communicate to get ready. So I meditated, cleared my chakras and opened my heart and crown chakra. My little boy woke up and yelled and went back to sleep. Then I fell asleep. (it was 10pm here in Aus). I woke again at around 2am and my little boy was babbling and giggling in his sleep. I felt my crown chakra was still open and I felt heat and light. I dreamt that night of many people coming to my door and greeting me. I feel this was others undergoing or facilitating the event. The final activation and the mantra was at 9am in Aus. My baby fell asleep at 5 to 9and I commenced the mantra. As i finished the mantra I felt a gentle expansion and a kind of feeling of elevation around my heart chakra.

I felt happy, content for the rest of the day. I remeber for the next few days feeling connected to the earth - noticing plants, animals, feeling the breeze, feelnig the sun. Just a really elevated appreciation of the environment. When I went for a walk, everyone I met would say hello, which was slightly unusual in a pleasant way.

Connected with the second picture 10 days after, and felt a settling of my energy.

It was lovely and exciting event to be a part of and I have an vague remembering that this event was going to happen. I feel very excited for Gaia.

: ) Robyn

I have been singing the mantra everyday and looking a little less to the code as I am not able to print it out, i took a photo
with my mobile, thus i see it this way.

At first i liked the blue code, yet i found it a bit scary.....now I prefer the pink....it is softer.

I felt my root chakra rather tender the first few days, and for the first 10 days, on and off an unexplainable fatigue........

I feel normal now, I have not felt any major difference in my inner self yet......so I keep on singing......

Can I still do my Ascended Masters Meditation while on this kind of integration? I usually do this at night before sleeping, and when I wake in the morning, I feel my head in need of clearing, but it soon passes.

This is all for now, I would like to join for the others as well.......I find that not knowing what I am saying, I override my mind, and that is good.

Keep Well, much Love and Light,


My guidance on using other meditations is to simply use your intuition. There are no rules, you may certainly receive other attunements during these 90 days so of course if you wish to follow other meditations that is fine too. If anything it will enhance the clearing/healing process. Caroline x

I hope that I’ve been doing everything OK. I have been disciplined every night doing the meditation and mantra. On the first day I felt a little bit light headed but I really enjoyed the feeling.

I am now really enjoying looking into the pictures - I find it very peaceful and also feel the energy is getting stronger around me.

Thank you for your support.

Lots of love.


I keep on doing the code meditation, and I have to tell you that if you put the Asthar and Kumara´s pictures, one behind the other,and hold them with both hands in your heart, the result is much powerful than if you just put your right hand on it and your left hand in your heart. I just wanted to let you know in case you want to try and see. You can also tell the rest of the people and see what happens.


Yes I have been able to complete the Mantra every day, I was chanting it to begin with but then changed to saying the words. I will describe my experience below and I will be happy for you to share it.

On the first day of the Mantra I experienced the energy coming in through the crown and slowly move down throughout the body and eventually out through the feet and down into the earth. At the same time I was aware that it had settled in various places in my body that required healing, a mild discomfort was felt in these areas while the healing took place. Every day since then I have felt stronger, more confident and calmer , the energy is very supportive and encouraging, loving and familiar. It is also motivational and playful, I have started working out at the gym and have signed up for yoga and pilates classes, something I had been thinking about but couldn't get started.
When I look at the picture my thoughts were that it is impossible to draw a multidimensional energy in 2 dimensions , that it looked squashed and should be in constant motion. I haven't seen it move yet, but I have a feeling it will :)

love light and blessings to you all, Dorothy

Hi guys,

in my case, i am following the mantra every day even when i'm very tired ;-)
it's been ok at the beginning, tiresome but ok. I would get into very fructuous meditation, some transe even, followed by a lot of channeling. Then it started to be very hard to handle, i felt suddenly sad without any obvious reasons, feeling even more sensitive than usual, and i'm already hypersensitive :) the picture felt great at first and then i started to see scary faces inside, like very scary... after i started to see them laughing, humour came, and light and this morning i saw angel faces inside those big faces. at first i saw 4 then, 8 now i see 12 faces on the ashtar.
the kumara, i've been attracted to it at one point and then i saw those horrific faces and couldn't watch it anymore. since then , i try every day to see if i see something else, not yet...
ah, and i'm dreaming a lot, like 5 to 7 dreams per night, that i can never recall completely, just pieces to let me know that i dreamt.
Last night, just before i woke up i could see the faces from the ashtar picture coming on after the other in my dream, they were friendly, i wasn't afraid of them.

here you go, i dont know, if this is any help :)



Dear Caroline,
First of all thank you so much for all you do. With respect to the picture I have seen four "demon" looking faces reflecting back at me. To be honest I found this a little unsettling and feeling confused. Why am I attracting demons rather than angels?
Appreciate your thoughts.
love & blessings

When you look into the code you are receiving healing, the picture will highlight and reflect back to you anything which requires healing light. You see demon faces, my thought is that this is your inner fears staring back at you. What is it that you feel afraid of? Do you fear the light and where fully embracing it might take you to? Also wonder what demons represent to you? Is it fear or something else, hate perhaps? Do you hate parts of yourself? Do you feel shame and guilt?

After the first time I did the mantra,the following day in my morning meditation i saw a large bright angel looking at me who i didn't recognise.I belong to the Clairvision school of mediitation and since returning from a 10 day retreat last year i am regularly visited by angels in my morning meditation and often when i am healing other people.I have missed few days but the days i did do the mantra I felt an emotional bond.
regards Michelle

I have finally lifted the veil of my own silliness and given myself permission to ground the projects that my soul wants to fulfil. It is an exciting time. Thanks to Caroline and Donna for your commitment, open-ness and love for making this possible.

Beth xxxx

I'm very strongly connecting with the Kumara picture now when I use the mantra. It's hard to describe the powerful feelings in my heart area and sometimes my head when I recite the mantra and focus on the picture.

The day of the transmission, I was overwhelmed by feelings of love and kindness...more than I've ever felt before. It was a wonderful feeling.

I haven't received any channeled messages. I guess I haven't been meditating lately either.

I'd be interested in reading how other recipients are doing!

Thanks so much for this wonderful gift!

Lots of Love, Janelle

I've just been in hospital for 5 days, having an operation in an Obstetrics and Gynaecology ward, and I was worried that I might not be able to continue with the earth light activation 'download' - having to intone the light language, etc. But by a fluke (no such thing?) I was put in a single-bed room (with its own en suite) and managed to sound the sequence every day. It was on my last night there that a nurse told me that this room was usually occupied by women who had had miscarriages (I am post-menopausal so no obvious reason for being there) and I began to wonder if my presence in that room was for a higher purpose.

I began to see the hospital ward I was in as a symbol of the Feminine - in particular the female's capacity to give life. But also the toll this gift could take on the female body and the sorrow that could come with that. Perhaps the code pictures and the intoning effected a clearing/healing of some sort.

Also, when I got home yesterday I realised that I had not exchanged one word with any other patient because of my isolated situation - every exchange had been between me and staff members. So perhaps a different clearing/healing was effected on behalf of the staff. Or am I over-thinking?

These are just my thoughts on an unusual situation I was placed in. Hospitals are strange places - centres of healing but also of pain and sorrow. There are opportunities for great compassion to be shown but also for thoughtless minor cruelties. We don't often focus our thoughts on them as places in need of attention . . .

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