Our mission is to enlighten lives with the healing touch of the Archangels and Ascended Masters.

Ascending Angels channel love, guidance and healing energy of all Beloved Light Beings with guided words and sound in a loving, safe, nurturing space.

Join us on a workshop to relax, receive and feel how wonderfully divine you are.

The attunements/transmissions we channel for you lets your Light centre expand as you awaken and feel more light inside, bringing forth your Light self into a heavenly physical manifestation.

We recognise we are FREE – We FEEL abundance – We feel LOVE – We feel LIGHT - We are ONE.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Only a few shopping days left my darlings before Christmas well and truly sets in! So if your stuck for an idea why not treat someone you love to a PURE LOVE LIGHT day with us in 2011, or maybe even a personal healing. If not just TREAT YOURSELF. Indeed you are WORTHY X DIVINE and truly beautiful beings, what are your waiting for!

love to you

Saturday, 4 December 2010

December is upon us

My darlings,

what a wonderfully spectacular snowfall many of us around the country have had! Of course along the way upset and discourse occurs, but the snow is so simply beautiful to look at, that we really must learn to love the beauty that nature gives to us.

You maybe feeling hazy from cabin fever, or have iced toes, but among the havoc that has descended during this snowfall, we need to stop! Take a moment to feel and BREATHE.

Breathe in to your heart centre, breathe and find the place inside you, that allows you to receive, allows your divinity to shine through, allows you to JUST BE.

As December moves forward and you start to feel exhausted from busy shopping days, Christmas parties, or generally being busy, REMEMBER to set sometime aside for you and FEEL!!



Thursday, 25 November 2010


Dearest Angels,

Its come to my attention the last few weeks that i along with many others, have a syndrome! what is it you ask? The"I'm not good enough" syndrome. There are so many ways for us to trade in the feel good factor for the not so good, and why? Years of conformity! Its OK to not want to read, write or be obligingly clever, every day of the week, and if you cant quite push your self forward that's OK too, as long as you have incite and acceptance. As long as you love you! I'm not saying that your shouldn't have goals, i'm saying don't be afraid of doing well, or not, just be!!

"There is no right or wrong, on any one journey, Just Acceptance"

love and light


Monday, 15 November 2010

hello everyone, so lovely to have worked with you all at the workshop on Sunday and what a beautiful day of healing it was! For anyone who didn't attend, as always the power of LOVE, LIGHT and HEALING goes out to you even when you cant be with us.
I'm sure for those who were able to attend yesterday, you will agree that Nicky ran the workshop beautifully and the support around us all was phenomenal. Well done Nicky may this be the first of Many!

Yesterday was a big day, not only did everyone receive Divine Mother and Archangel Michael attunements, but i think we broke new ground, a lot of us really faced our fears yesterday around our masculine and feminine side, around our inner child and about what it truly means to speak our truth and validate that we are worthy, YES WE ARE!! The unconditional love that surrounds us each and every day is so special, but we must acknowledge it, for when we do we create, we inspire, we dream, we manifest, we live in joy. That is certainly a world that we all deserve to live in. "so surround yourself right now with love, allow the healing to flow and release, release, breathe dear ones and then allow yourself to receive. For you are pure beauty, you are the light that carry this world, your love is special , allow your love to shine out and allow love to shine upon you, for you are worthy, your are inspirational and you are our joy. Keep shining beautiful diamonds, who grace our universe, you give us the reason to carry forth, WE LOVE YOU, WE LOVE YOU, now live in joy, harmony and peace, know you will never walk alone, you are loved UNCONDITIONALLY' Archangel Michael, Divine Mother and the Angelic realm.

AFFIRM 'I am love, I am divinity I am Joy' sending you love and light always, x x x x x

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Divine Mother Worldwide Distance Transmission

Divine Mother Worldwide Distance Transmission

Monday 15th November 2010

10pm GMT, London, UK

Divine Mother Transmission of the 15th November 2010, following the Earth Light Activation Code Sequence of 10/10/10 this transmission is a powerful nurturing of your inner child in order to process illusions that have risen to the surface following this empowering Earth Light Activation.

The Divine Mother will come forth on Monday 15th November at 10pm GMT, London, UK to all who wish to receive wherever you may be in the World to share this her love and light.

Here now dear child of light that I wish to come to you to shine my light and hold you in my arms so that you may feel my presence and unconditional love, so that you may trust me and open your hearts, your bodies for true unconditional love healing. My wish for you is to embrace you into my presence and be as ONE with you so that you too may feel, experience the power and freedom of unconditional love.

Let me then cleanse your body of the memories of your ancestral patterning in which you have felt and experienced neglect, denial and controlled, limited love – you need to do nothing dear child but open to me and accept my love, my healing light so that you may step forth into the world anew, as ONE once more.

Let me also connect you once more to Gaia, so that you may feel her embrace also and her loving light, reminding you that you are Earth-Light, you are ONE.

Blessed be dear ones, blessed be to you – in heavenly love and light – Divine Mother of the ONE Heart.

The value of this transmission is £25.

You will receive a link to a guided channelled meditation that will aid the receipt of this transmission together with a mantra to follow for 14 days following this transmission.

To book please visit http://www.ascendingangels.com/workshops.asp if you have any questions please email info@ascendingangels.com thank you.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Private Therapy Sessions with Donna or Caroline - London

Caroline and Donna will be available on the 14th November 2010 for private therapy sessions.

Appointments can be made by emailing caroline@ascendingangels.com

The Archangels and Ascended Masters connect to you through Donna or Caroline in a healing one-to-one therapy session. Channelling words of truth, love, knowledge and wisdom to encourage, empower and aid you to release unhappy feelings such as confusion, trauma, shame, guilt, pain and neglect so that you can find and accept your true self.

These treatments are for your divine highest good, working on clearing current issues, and bringing you to a liberating place of surrender, surrendering to your inner light, finding your own truth and becoming your true self.

These treatments can be life altering; working with unconditional love-light energy they are found to be freeing, healing, warming, confidence building, bringing acceptance and empowering one’s life to help clear away old unwanted patterns and belief systems helping you to a clearer more divine place. Helping you to find the real YOU.

Each treatment is tailored to your specific needs.

A treatment with an attunement from the Archangels, Ascended Masters or a Light Vibrational Healing attunement can also be arranged.

Trust and allow the Archangels and Ascended Masters to connect to you and make a positive difference to your life.

Book your London appointment now by emailing caroline@ascendingangels.com

Ascending Angels Healing Day

Sunday 14th November 2010

‘Inspiring, enlightening, awakening, empowering and wonderfully healing’
London Angel Healing workshop facilitated by Ascending Angels who provide a very safe, healing space where Ascending Angels connect with and channel Divine Healing light energies to you, sharing words, attunements and blessings from energies such as the Ascended Masters, Archangels, Gods, Goddesses, Universal Light Beings.

Suitable for all this healing day will give you the tools and opportunity to heal deep within, cleansing your inner core in a safe, accepting space. Nothing is required by you except to be willing to allow a wonderful transformation to occur.

Let your heart, body and soul be touched by Angels.


This workshop will be held from 10.30 am to 3 pm at the Light Centre, Belgravia, London.

To book; please visit www.ascendingangels.com/workshops.asp.
A £30 deposit is required for each workshop. For concessions, other payments or further info please email donna@ascendingangels.com

Dates for all forthcoming Ascending Angels Healing Days in London:-

Sunday 30th January 2011

Sunday 6th March 2011

Sunday 3rd July 2011

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Earth Light Reiki Mastership Course

The Light Codes of Reiki

· Attuning you to the New Earth-Light Reiki energy
· Awakening you to a new higher vibration created for you
· Exploring Earths healing energy 'Reiki' or 'Earth Light'
· Certificated Usui Reiki attunements

Two forthcoming workshops facilitated by Caroline Sharp at the Light Centre, Belgravia, London

Sunday 13th June 2010 and Sunday 8th August 2010

These workshops will attune you to the new light codes of Reiki, which has far outgrown the codes originally given and used by many practitioners today. These new light codes will awaken knowledge of the earth’s light energy, open new inner pathways and facilitate understanding the language of Reiki in its fullest capacity thus enabling greater transformation and healing possibilities, both for yourself and those you help.

The first workshop in June attunes you to Reiki I and II with an option to attune to Master in the afternoon and will facilitate the awakening of light codes and light sound from within.
Suitable for both beginners and experienced practitioners. Please note the Mastership course on this date will NOT include the Master/Teacher training.

£95 for Reiki I&II only, £150 to include Reiki Master.

The second workshop in August assists in the full integration and understanding of the Light Codes of Reiki, completing the energetic transmission and awakening the knowledge of how to facilitate or teach Reiki to others.
Suitable for those who have completed the workshop in June to complete the Master/Teacher training.


Both workshops will be held from 10 am to 4 pm at the Light Centre, Belgravia, London.

To book; please visit www.ascendingangels.com/workshops.asp.
A £50 deposit is required for each workshop. For concessions, other payments or further info please email caroline@ascendingangels.com

Thursday, 13 May 2010

20:10 Earth Light Activation Code - 2nd Transmission

20:10 Earth Light Activation Codes

20th May 2010

Commencing 10am

2nd wave at 2pm

Final grounding at 10pm

I Commander Ashtar, will be connecting with you again on the 20th May 2010 at 10am. I will be using the channel of your forerunners of Earth Light, light beings such as Anthkyia (Caroline Sharp), Shalimah (Donna Swan) and Shekinah (www.shekinah-Melchizedek.co.uk), who, as Earth channels will work to integrate and awaken within you the 1st and 2nd energetic template of this evolutionary activation code. This code will be transmitted to you to awaken sleeping cells from within your being, your psyche and bring you fully into your physical/light presence.

This 2nd transmissional wave will awaken or enhance your power of creation and disillusion, so that you’ll realise the world and your life journey within it for what it truly is. The illusion that has been holding you in a space of fear, pain and trauma, this you will now discard if you choose, for the power will be removed from it and your own self-light of inner truth will be free, it will thus become powerless and your own self-light of inner truth and wisdom powerful.

For this activation transmission I, Ashtar Command will be connecting with Universal Light Master St Germain to bring forth a huge leap in your awakening to the conscious Light Universe, taking your place as representatives of Earth, of Gaia within the star-light council.

This is a deeply powerful distant transmission to move your forward on your healing light path.

The value of this transmission is £25.
(To book please visit http://www.ascendingangels.com/workshops.asp )

Hear now, hear our words, we are coming to you now to channel to you, through you this the 2nd wave of the 20:10 Earth Light activation transmission. This transmission will connect to you, through you, through your solar plexus the centre of your body. The first transmission awoke your energy centre to the energy centre of your planet Earth - it awoken the heart of Earth, its light core, awakening into consciousness Earths light self 'Gaia'.

Welcome Gaia, welcome to the Universal. Now we ask your guardians, your people to connect you to the conscious Light Universe. We are asking you to now spread your wings, spread your light and allow your light self to shine through. We are coming, we are coming to bless through you to you a ray of beautiful light to awaken your intelligence, your mind, your brain to its highest performance, its highest potential of understanding so that you will not only relinquish illusions, but will find the truth of all light matter, the truth of your Universe, your Gods, your life as you currently know and understand it.

This means that as you realise your own inner truth and how it reflects in others you will begin to see the web or grid of light that connects you to each other, to all life, all light on your planet Earth. Then you will see that this grid spreads wider/further than your planet alone, it spreads out into your solar system, to your planets, your sun and out further, through dimensions of light to all source - dimensions of source.

As your light centre see this, senses this you will ground this wisdom, this knowledge into your Earth into the consciousness of Gaia awakening her Universal wisdom and these grids will activate into a great light frequency - allowing a mass of light to explode through these channels, clearing these pathways and bringing new, clear light to Earth, to you.

We are Ascending, you are ascending and this is a massive leap in your ascension process. We are ONE - we are growing with you, guiding you to awaken to the truth of the energy of light.

We love you. Be ONE with us and recognise your FREEDOM, your power as a creator of light. Breathe light into your Earth and let Gaia shine.

Ashtar & St Germain. 10/5/10

This activation code will be channelled with the support and guidance of Ascended Master St Germain who, working with Commander Ashtar will help you to integrate these codes into the Earth.

They will then walk with you for the following 21 days to help you to feel, to stop, take a breath and simply Be, and as you simply Be you will begin to realise you feel and are free.

The first wave of energy will connect with you wherever you are at 10am, you may feel this energetically or if you are busy you may not notice. There will be a second wave at approximately 2pm, again, if you are able to focus on this great but if it is not possible please do not worry.

For the final wave of light activation we ask that you be ready to fully ground the new codes through your Being, therefore your effort is to simply be present energetically at 10pm on the 20th May 2010, be relaxed in a comfortable place to allow your body to completely ground the activation process, this will take approximately 30 minutes to fully activate the code within the cells of your whole body and complete your grounding to Earth.
On or the day before the 20th May, we will email you out a picture representation of the activation code, at some point between 10am and 10pm take some time to look, focus and assimilate the vibration of the picture representation, this will aide the awakening and grounding process.

You will also be given a mantra to follow each and every day for a period of 90 days, this will be spoken in light language and have a powerful energy when sang clearly, we will provide you with a recording of this mantra for you to sing along to.

For the following 3 days be extremely gentle with yourself as your body adjusts to the new information flowing through, be aware that St Germain and Commander Ashtar are walking with you, talk to them, ask for help and give yourself time to focus on issues that are uncomfortable for you and feel how they begin to shift and wash away.

If you have any questions please email caroline@ascendingangels.com thank you.

We are available on email if you would like any support, have any questions or wish to share your experience (we love hearing your experiences).
If you wish to receive this transmission please visit http://www.ascendingangels.com/workshops.asp thank you.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Lord Melchizedek Rainbow Rays Healing Transmission

1st May 2010Channelling commences 7pm and ends 7am 2nd May 2010 from London, UK

Our guidance is that this transmission be free of charge so that you can receive a sense of the energies that we are channelling. We will be creating a recorded meditation and picture code, if you wish to receive either or both of these please visit http://www.ascendingangels.com/rainbow_transmission.asp and click the buy now button to submit your donation of £5 for each. If you wish to participate in this transmission and do not wish to donate simply send an email to caroline@ascendingangels.com headed Lord Melchizedek Rainbow Rays with your full name and location.

Here is a message from Lord Melchizedek and Quan Yin speaking of the Rainbow Rays.

Let me connect with you now, I AM Lord Melchizedek and I am a Universal Light Master. I am a Lord of Light and sit on the Council of Light. I am working with the Unified Ascended Masters to progress Earth through safe passage into our known light Universe. You beings, your planet are dimensionalising, you are taking a huge leap forward in your light consciousness, some of you feel this leap and fear it, you imagine this leap will damage your planet in some manner, that she will create destruction and death in order to grow. You judge your people and assess that some are not enlightened enough to step forward in their physical form, in this moment you are judging yourselves and perhaps fearing that you too may not be able to ascend in your current physical form.

Change occurs, change happens, this leap of ascension is happening, your light consciousness is rising and you are growing and recognising your truth more and more. Illusions are being revealed and life patterns are changing to create new harmonies. As you step ever closer on your path of ascension you will progress through many patterns of change in which you will experience resistance, denial, grief, acceptance and then a clearer light of harmony until the next wave of illusion arises from the depth of your being for a light to shine upon it and for you to consider, to challenge this truth and recognise it as mere illusion, a memory of disharmony and shadow.

Your journey on this path of ascension is one that you are creating and choosing the challenges that you wish to encounter. Just as Earth, your planet’s journey is a reflection of your own. She will not destruct, she will experience challenges, there will be upheaval, denial, resistance, yes for some there is a time of departure from their physical form yet this belief of chaos on a massive scale, this belief of Mother Earth, mother nature showing her power through destruction on a global scale is simply an illusion of resistance and denial for the light ascension that is occurring. Fear not, dear children of Earth, you are safe and we are guiding you and helping you to choose light, to choose to create a wonderful journey, a beautiful Earth with your light.

Yes, you, you are the creators of Earth, you imagine and create this your planet, you are at one with it. When you hurt, Earth hurts, when you fear, Earth fears, when you choose to show your power to dominate and destroy, Earth shows her power to dominate and destroy. Earth reflects you, she reflects your inner thoughts, Earth is a reflection of all her light beings, it is through you that we bring light to Earth, as we connect to you through your light consciousness we are using you as a transmitter to connect to Mother Gaia, Earths light consciousness and she in return uses you as a transmitter to connect to us – we are ONE.

Now I speak to you of the Rainbow Rays, these are rays of rainbow light. Your light creation, your physical form consists of a vast number of cells which each consist of a vast number of light colours, therefore when I pass the Rainbow Rays through your being they expand out into your physical presence, your physical body to bring a vast array of rainbow colour to illuminate and enlighten what is already present within your colourful body. You will shine with a clearer light, shadow will be illumined and dissolved as light colour is passed through for your cells to recognise, accept and absorb. As you allow these Rainbow Rays to pass through your being to Earth, she will also experience and enlightening of colour, allowing her shadow to be lifted as colour returns to regenerate lightless cells.

Connecting to you in accordance of the Light Code and with the aid of the Unified Ascended Masters and the Arch-Angelic Realm, I, Lord Melchizedek, Archangel Metatron, Ascended Master St. Germain, Quan Yin and the Elohim will be channelling this transmission of Rainbow Rays on the 1st May 2010. There will be 7 waves commencing at 7pm and completing at 7am on the 2nd May 2010. Between the hours of 7pm on the 1st May 2010 and 7am on the 2nd May 2010 we ask you to take approximately 30 minutes of quiet time to sit and connect with the energy of the rays that we are transmitting through you. This will give opportunity for your body to consciously assimilate the energies of the rays and allow more enlightenment of inner truth.

We have asked Caroline & Donna of Ascending Angels to channel and be the Earth Masters of this transmission, we will guide them to create a recorded meditation for you if you wish to use this as an aid during your quiet, focus time and we also ask Aminya to once again create a code for you to also use as an aid.

We honour you with this Ray as a blessing of light to draw your focus to Ascending Angels, to Shekinah Melchizedek to recognise the light work they are channelling so that you may choose to trust their light, their guidance in exploring your own light truth. Therefore we wish there be no fee for this transmission yet we request a honouring to Donna, to Caroline, Ascending Angels, to Shekinah Melchizedek for their role in this transmission and therefore request a donation of £5 for the recorded meditation and £5 for the coded picture.

Let me now clarify, this rainbow ray transmission is a blessing which once you have received on the 1st May you may repeat as often as you wish, the codes will have been placed into your body for you to re-access and re-receive these rainbow rays. A recorded meditation and coded picture will be made available for you through Ascending Angels should you wish to use these, they are not essential to you receiving this transmission simply an aid we recommend especially if you intend to repeat this transmission in the future.

May waves of love-light be shined upon you, we see you in your truth and honour the beautiful Earth-Light being that you are, that we are – for dear child we are ONE. Recognise the light within and you are recognising your divinity.

Channelled from Lord Melchizedek & Quan Yin 13/4/10

For more information and to make a donation please visit http://www.ascendingangels.com/rainbow_transmission.asp if you have any questions please contact caroline@ascendingangels.com thank you.
Image supplied by Lisa Iris, with thanks.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Post - Archangel Metatron Healing Ray Transmission

To you who joined us for the Archangel Metatron Healing Ray Transmission, we hope you enjoyed it. In the following 21 days you will be experiencing a cleansing throughout your whole body. Archangel Metatron asks that you connect with him each day for these 21 days, follow the meditation and meditate on the image (created by http://www.shekinah-melchizedek.co.uk/).
The following is a message that I received shortly after channelling the transmission.

Now, now is the time that I connect to you, open, open your arms and embrace the light of Earth, embrace the light of the Angels. We are your guides, we are channels of knowledge and wisdom to you, we are evolved and enlightened, through the absorption of your inner pain we learn the suffering of man, the suffering of Earth.
In allegiance with the intergalactic star realms, the universal light masters and your Earth ascended masters we create these patterns of light illumination to shine through your body, to reveal, to dissolve and rewrite shadow that is the karmic patterning of, this your life past and also your forefathers.
Each light illumination has an individual format and therefore connects one to an individual energetic being representing all enlightened conscious light matter. Their structure carry waves of new dna patterning to be absorbed where the body is ready for this removal of illusion.
As one follows the written meditation, as one listens to the codes within the sound of recorded meditation, as one focuses on the format of the coded picture ones body is reminded of the light patterning of the ray transmission and opportunity is created for the body to release the old patterning and absorb a new light pattern. We recommend to you that each time you connect to the ray, now held within your being, that you create the intention to raise your body patterning to its highest potential. The light energy of the ray will begin to lose its brilliance after 21 days, this is why we ask for you to focus daily for this period of time as this will maximise your healing potential.
The light ray patterning will only try to re format patterns that are holding one in a space of discomfort or unhealthy illusion, it will not attempt to re format any patterns that are supporting you on your Earth journey.
We thank you for allowing us to bring these transmissions to you, we are honoured to be a part of your journey here on Earth.We love you, we are One.
Channelled from Metatron, 10.20pm, 10/4/10
Watch this space for information of the next Healing Ray Transmission on the 10th May 2010, guided by Archangel Jophiel.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

10/4/10 - Archangel Metatron Healing Ray Transmission

I AM Archangel Metatron, I speak now, on the 10th of this month of April I will connect with you through the Earth channel Caroline to gift to you a healing ray transmission from God, your light source, channelled through the Arch-Angelic Realm, through my energy consciousness, through your Earth channel Caroline unto you. The purpose of this healing ray is to bring a very physical healing enlightenment to your core being. I will reach forth into the centre of your core being, where the child within lies and dissolve his/her sadness and pain. In this moment of 10pm London, Earth time I will awaken from within the cells of your body memory of light, memory of universe, awakening knowledge and wisdom of the stars, of all dimensions of life. Your senses will be heightened as we raise your awareness and bring more of your light self into your physical existence.

Magnifying your light core so that you can recognise your own creation and bring choice into your life journey. Illusions are being unveiled as we guide you forward on your journey of Ascension on Earth. (channelled from Archangel Metatron 1/4/10)

The value of this healing ray transmission is £25.

You will be given a channelled meditation to follow each and every day for the following 21 days after the transmission, with this meditation you will also be given a coded picture which represents the energy of Archangel Metatron and the healing ray he channels.

At 10pm on the 10th April 2010 be in a quiet, safe space to receive the transmission. If you can, lie down, and follow the meditation, a recorded meditation will be emailed to you or you can follow the written meditation, whichever is easier for you, please note there are slight variations between the written and recorded meditation this is due to the connection with Archangel Metatron being easier to maintain when listening to the recorded meditation.

This healing ray transmission is suitable for all, if you are already grounding a healing transmission/attunement this will compliment and channel well with such. You will experience a cleansing/clearing after receiving this healing ray transmission and we suggest you are very gentle with yourselves in the 3-4 days following the transmission and expect some unbalance over the following 21 days.

If you have any questions please email caroline@ascendingangels.com and if you feel very unsettled in the 21 day clearing period and would like some assistance please email caroline@ascendingangels.com or donna@ascendingangels.com thank you.

A message from Archangel Jophiel on behalf of the Archangels.

Blessings Be Dear Ones, here now I come to you to speak through you to all whom you connect to. Now is the time of enlightenment, now is the time that I/we come and share through you our words of love, of encouragement, of our light existence. Now is the time that we awaken through you the energetic core of light consciousness with all that you connect to. In this moment we are using you Caroline as a channel of light, in this we thank you. The Archangels are connecting through you today Caroline, they connect through you every day and each and every day that you choose to focus on being a channel of light, every day that you remain in your light truth, every day that you choose to explore your inner world, your inner core in order to heal and grow we remain with you.

In truth we have never been separated from you. We are ONE, yet it is only now that you have awakened the truth of our existence into your conscious mind that we play an even greater role in this your life journey. We know of truth, we know of love, we know of how your life could be simply fantastic, we know that with your trust we can relieve you of your inner pain, with your trust we can dissolve the memories of trauma, with your trust we can show you how to free yourself from the shackles of childhood discomfort, the shackles of the judgements you hold in your inner world.

How would it feel to truly accept yourself for who you are?

How would it feel to actually accept your whole self, accept your past as well as your present?

How would it feel in this moment of acceptance if you then chose to accept everyone with love and unconditional positive regard?

Accepting all that they are, and in this moment accepting all that you are. Forgiving yourself as well as forgiving others and in this forgiveness allowing the true core of your being to shine through in joyful harmony, trusting that all is light, recognising yourself for the explorer of light that you are. You are a creator of light, you have the power to create your future, it is only your fears, your shadow that hold you in a space of discontentment. Let us shine our healing light here and show you the way forward into true enlightenment, true Oneness with Earth, true Oneness with the whole Universe.

We are ONE. Be now the I AM Presence that you are.

(Archangel Jophiel on behalf of the Archangels & Angelic Realm. 1/4/10)

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Archangel Metatron Healing Ray Transmission

image by www.shekinah-melchizedek.co.uk

10th April 2010
Channelling at 10pm BST

I have been guided that from this date, 10th April 2010, and on the 10th of each month following, with the exception of 10th October I have the opportunity to channel a clear transmission through to you distantly from the Archangels.

Metatron speaks now of these waves of transmissions of the Archangel Healing Rays.

Many years ago we came to you, Caroline. We spoke to you and shared with you our Healing Rays. We requested of you that you share these with the world, with your Earth. You followed our words and stepped out of the shadow and into the light. Visible to the world you spoke our words, you allowed yourselves to be our representatives, and you allowed us to channel our light, our healing rays through you to others so that we may enlighten their lives, so that we can help them with their life journey. You shared our words of inner truth, of how we can dissolve trauma, release the illusions of judgements, of control, the illusions of many things. And as you gave opportunity for us to connect with, and strengthen the light within others we have been able to bring an even greater inner awakening than ever before.

Now we come to you to ask you to once again be a channel of light. We wish to connect with Earth Beings across your world and we see that you are able and capable of supporting others wherever they may be. With this knowledge we entrust to you now to become a channel of light for our healing rays to shine through you to many, please organise transmissions for waves of our healing rays to enlighten any who wish to receive them. Ask Aminya to channel through code for you to gift with our meditations to follow for 21 days.

Caroline, we will come to you and connect with you at 10pm on the 10th of each month, I, Metatron, will come first, then Jophiel and Tzadkiel. Others will come later. (Metatron 24/3/10)

The value of this code is £25.

Following the Archangel Metatron Healing Ray transmission you will experience a clearing, you will be sent a picture code and meditation to follow for at least 21 days after the transmission. This will strengthen your connection with Archangel Metatron and help you you clear old wounds, patterns and raise your inner light to its highest potential at this time.

If you would like to receive the Archangel Metatron Healing Ray transmission please click the buy now button above.

If you have any questions please email Caroline at: - caroline@ascendingangels.com

Friday, 26 February 2010

20:10 Earth Light Activation Code - Feedback

Here are the messages I have received so far from our 20:10 Earth Light Activation Code receivers, if there have been any questions I have answered these in italics :-)

I remember just as the first activation commenced, I observed Sanat Kumara "drop in" He was a stunning with a bright aura that extended a long distance around his head and body. Colours I remember were gold, straw yellow, white, soft sky blue, soft rose quartz pink... there were some others behind him but I didn't recognise them. but they carried a similar vibe to him. I felt the intention was to connect and communicate to get ready. So I meditated, cleared my chakras and opened my heart and crown chakra. My little boy woke up and yelled and went back to sleep. Then I fell asleep. (it was 10pm here in Aus). I woke again at around 2am and my little boy was babbling and giggling in his sleep. I felt my crown chakra was still open and I felt heat and light. I dreamt that night of many people coming to my door and greeting me. I feel this was others undergoing or facilitating the event. The final activation and the mantra was at 9am in Aus. My baby fell asleep at 5 to 9and I commenced the mantra. As i finished the mantra I felt a gentle expansion and a kind of feeling of elevation around my heart chakra.

I felt happy, content for the rest of the day. I remeber for the next few days feeling connected to the earth - noticing plants, animals, feeling the breeze, feelnig the sun. Just a really elevated appreciation of the environment. When I went for a walk, everyone I met would say hello, which was slightly unusual in a pleasant way.

Connected with the second picture 10 days after, and felt a settling of my energy.

It was lovely and exciting event to be a part of and I have an vague remembering that this event was going to happen. I feel very excited for Gaia.

: ) Robyn

I have been singing the mantra everyday and looking a little less to the code as I am not able to print it out, i took a photo
with my mobile, thus i see it this way.

At first i liked the blue code, yet i found it a bit scary.....now I prefer the pink....it is softer.

I felt my root chakra rather tender the first few days, and for the first 10 days, on and off an unexplainable fatigue........

I feel normal now, I have not felt any major difference in my inner self yet......so I keep on singing......

Can I still do my Ascended Masters Meditation while on this kind of integration? I usually do this at night before sleeping, and when I wake in the morning, I feel my head in need of clearing, but it soon passes.

This is all for now, I would like to join for the others as well.......I find that not knowing what I am saying, I override my mind, and that is good.

Keep Well, much Love and Light,


My guidance on using other meditations is to simply use your intuition. There are no rules, you may certainly receive other attunements during these 90 days so of course if you wish to follow other meditations that is fine too. If anything it will enhance the clearing/healing process. Caroline x

I hope that I’ve been doing everything OK. I have been disciplined every night doing the meditation and mantra. On the first day I felt a little bit light headed but I really enjoyed the feeling.

I am now really enjoying looking into the pictures - I find it very peaceful and also feel the energy is getting stronger around me.

Thank you for your support.

Lots of love.


I keep on doing the code meditation, and I have to tell you that if you put the Asthar and Kumara´s pictures, one behind the other,and hold them with both hands in your heart, the result is much powerful than if you just put your right hand on it and your left hand in your heart. I just wanted to let you know in case you want to try and see. You can also tell the rest of the people and see what happens.


Yes I have been able to complete the Mantra every day, I was chanting it to begin with but then changed to saying the words. I will describe my experience below and I will be happy for you to share it.

On the first day of the Mantra I experienced the energy coming in through the crown and slowly move down throughout the body and eventually out through the feet and down into the earth. At the same time I was aware that it had settled in various places in my body that required healing, a mild discomfort was felt in these areas while the healing took place. Every day since then I have felt stronger, more confident and calmer , the energy is very supportive and encouraging, loving and familiar. It is also motivational and playful, I have started working out at the gym and have signed up for yoga and pilates classes, something I had been thinking about but couldn't get started.
When I look at the picture my thoughts were that it is impossible to draw a multidimensional energy in 2 dimensions , that it looked squashed and should be in constant motion. I haven't seen it move yet, but I have a feeling it will :)

love light and blessings to you all, Dorothy

Hi guys,

in my case, i am following the mantra every day even when i'm very tired ;-)
it's been ok at the beginning, tiresome but ok. I would get into very fructuous meditation, some transe even, followed by a lot of channeling. Then it started to be very hard to handle, i felt suddenly sad without any obvious reasons, feeling even more sensitive than usual, and i'm already hypersensitive :) the picture felt great at first and then i started to see scary faces inside, like very scary... after i started to see them laughing, humour came, and light and this morning i saw angel faces inside those big faces. at first i saw 4 then, 8 now i see 12 faces on the ashtar.
the kumara, i've been attracted to it at one point and then i saw those horrific faces and couldn't watch it anymore. since then , i try every day to see if i see something else, not yet...
ah, and i'm dreaming a lot, like 5 to 7 dreams per night, that i can never recall completely, just pieces to let me know that i dreamt.
Last night, just before i woke up i could see the faces from the ashtar picture coming on after the other in my dream, they were friendly, i wasn't afraid of them.

here you go, i dont know, if this is any help :)



Dear Caroline,
First of all thank you so much for all you do. With respect to the picture I have seen four "demon" looking faces reflecting back at me. To be honest I found this a little unsettling and feeling confused. Why am I attracting demons rather than angels?
Appreciate your thoughts.
love & blessings

When you look into the code you are receiving healing, the picture will highlight and reflect back to you anything which requires healing light. You see demon faces, my thought is that this is your inner fears staring back at you. What is it that you feel afraid of? Do you fear the light and where fully embracing it might take you to? Also wonder what demons represent to you? Is it fear or something else, hate perhaps? Do you hate parts of yourself? Do you feel shame and guilt?

After the first time I did the mantra,the following day in my morning meditation i saw a large bright angel looking at me who i didn't recognise.I belong to the Clairvision school of mediitation and since returning from a 10 day retreat last year i am regularly visited by angels in my morning meditation and often when i am healing other people.I have missed few days but the days i did do the mantra I felt an emotional bond.
regards Michelle

I have finally lifted the veil of my own silliness and given myself permission to ground the projects that my soul wants to fulfil. It is an exciting time. Thanks to Caroline and Donna for your commitment, open-ness and love for making this possible.

Beth xxxx

I'm very strongly connecting with the Kumara picture now when I use the mantra. It's hard to describe the powerful feelings in my heart area and sometimes my head when I recite the mantra and focus on the picture.

The day of the transmission, I was overwhelmed by feelings of love and kindness...more than I've ever felt before. It was a wonderful feeling.

I haven't received any channeled messages. I guess I haven't been meditating lately either.

I'd be interested in reading how other recipients are doing!

Thanks so much for this wonderful gift!

Lots of Love, Janelle

I've just been in hospital for 5 days, having an operation in an Obstetrics and Gynaecology ward, and I was worried that I might not be able to continue with the earth light activation 'download' - having to intone the light language, etc. But by a fluke (no such thing?) I was put in a single-bed room (with its own en suite) and managed to sound the sequence every day. It was on my last night there that a nurse told me that this room was usually occupied by women who had had miscarriages (I am post-menopausal so no obvious reason for being there) and I began to wonder if my presence in that room was for a higher purpose.

I began to see the hospital ward I was in as a symbol of the Feminine - in particular the female's capacity to give life. But also the toll this gift could take on the female body and the sorrow that could come with that. Perhaps the code pictures and the intoning effected a clearing/healing of some sort.

Also, when I got home yesterday I realised that I had not exchanged one word with any other patient because of my isolated situation - every exchange had been between me and staff members. So perhaps a different clearing/healing was effected on behalf of the staff. Or am I over-thinking?

These are just my thoughts on an unusual situation I was placed in. Hospitals are strange places - centres of healing but also of pain and sorrow. There are opportunities for great compassion to be shown but also for thoughtless minor cruelties. We don't often focus our thoughts on them as places in need of attention . . .

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Questions answered for the 20:10 Earth Light Activation Code Transmission

I have received a number of questions, thank you, and thought it would be useful if I posted these questions and answers to you all. Questions are in plain text, answers in italics.

What exactly should we do on the 10 pm meditation? And what is the pillar of light?

On the 10th at 10pm be prepared to receive the final wave, which is to be grounded, so focus on the Ashtar code picture. Imagine a pillar of light which flows through your body from you feet to your head out to the sky and heavens above and down into the centre of Earth. I imagine that my pillar is so big it encompasses my whole body and aura and then some.

Then follow the instructions and chant the mantra 13 times, then lie down for 15-20mins and receive healing that will help ground the codes through you into Earth.

Which code picture should I look at when I am listening to the meditation Ashtar or Kumara?

At first look at the Ashtar picture, then at some point over the following 90 days you'll feel drawn to look at the Kumara picture.

Follow your intuition, there is no set days, you may feel drawn to Kumara immediately or not until near to the end of the 90 days.

After repeating the sentence 13 times what should I do?

Lie down for about 15-20 minutes and allow Ashtar, Sanat Kumara and the Inner Earth Temple Workers to help you assimilate the codes, ground them through you and into Earth.

I am unable to listen to the recorded meditation, what should I do?

The recording is simply a tool for you to use if you choose/are able to. It is not essential to listen to the recording for all you need to do is chant the mantra out loud 13 times, SLOWLY.

How do I pronounce the mantra?

It is written phonetically, therefore simply read it out loud as it is written and that’ll be perfect.

I am going away what should I do about the 90 day mantra?

Print it out, take it with you and try to follow it every day for maximum benefits.

What might I feel at 10am and 2pm? Am I okay to work?

At 10am and 2pm you might feel a little dizzy or light-headed, if you have received healing before you may recognise this feeling or you may feel nothing different at all. As my body has been preparing today I have noticed that, in particular, my base and sacral chakras are aching as they are preparing to expand into Earth and out to connect with each of you. So you may also feel an ache here tomorrow, ladies your menstrual cycle might be affected by this transmission.

If at any time you feel rather ungrounded eat something grounding such as a little piece of chocolate, it’ll help more than a glass of water.

The main advice for the next 3-4 days is eat well, eat clear foods, avoid heavy, rich food, red meat, alcohol etc but DO eat.

Would the light being sent tomorrow affect everybody on the planet to some extent?

Yes, everyone on the planet will experience some effect of this code. You Divine Ones are the forerunners, the leaders in light. By signing up to this activation code you have chosen to be a part of a higher evolving team of light workers. What you are participating in will, in time, have a dramatically positive effect on your planet Earth. (Ashtar 9/2/10)

And what about those who could not participate tomorrow? Would there be another opportunity to do so? Or could others, say who haven't heard about this, connect with the codes at any time after tomorrow? (Otherwise it could feel as if one was part of an isolated group?!) Or would connecting with the codes just speed up what everybody will receive gradually?

This is the first of 3 waves of Earth Light Activation Code transmissions. The 2nd will be on the 20th May 2010, it will commence at 10am, with a 2nd wave at 2pm and a final wave at 10pm as the 10th February 2010. This transmission is available to all, especially those who have not experienced it before or who failed to follow the mantra for 90 days. Yet as it is a new wave of light if you have received the transmission on the 10th February 2010 and followed the mantra for 90 days, the awakening you will experience from this activation code will be even more enlightening.

On the 10th October 2010 (10/10/10) you will once again have an opportunity to receive the final wave of 20:10 Earth Light Activation Code transmission. For this we ask that Ascending Angels host an hourly event at 10am and that as many of you that can attend for this will be a group grounding, a special event in which we will channel directly through Ascending Angels, directly to you, an enhanced transmission of Earth Light. If you are unable to attend, this is okay as there will be sufficient number present for all to receive the powerful Earth Light evolutionary code.

We have requested that Ascending Angels follow this event with an One Heart Love Transmission from the Archangels, to bring you all into alignment with the One Heart of Gaia and Source, thus completing the full spectrum of inner/outer light magnificent. (Ashtar 9/2/10)

From what has been said here, I believe that you can receive the transmission on any of these dates or all of these dates and that each transmission brings more light awareness into your consciousness. I have, this week, been receiving guidance on the One Heart Love Transmission, we will be running our first One Heart Love Transmission workshop on the 16th May 2010 at a venue in London, more details to follow at a later date.

So we are the forerunners, this means that eventually over time everyone on this planet will embrace these codes, the more we ground them into Earth the more she can then pass them through all life. The guidance I feel is that we are being given an opportunity to take an evolutionary leap of light awareness that’ll change our understanding of our reality, then the more we live this new reality the more we can reflect it in others so they too will begin to wake up to more light truth and release the old ways, the old reality that is illusion.

Sunday, 31 January 2010

20:10 Earth Light Activation Codes

10th February 2010

Commencing 10am

2nd wave at 2pm

Final grounding at 10pm

I Commander Ashter, on the 10th of February at 10am will be connecting with you through various light beings such as Caroline Sharp and Donna Swan, who will work as Earth channels to integrate and awaken within you an evolutionary activation code. This code will be transmitted to you and will awaken sleeping cells from within your being, your psyche and bring you fully into your physical/light presence.

Receiving these codes will give you the power of creation and disillusion, this means you will realise the world and your life journey within it for what it truly is. What is illusion that has been holding you in a space of fear, pain and trauma you will now be able to discard, the power being removed from it, it will thus become powerless and your own self-light of inner truth powerful.

You will feel more complete and begin the process of realising your freedom.

This, we are calling the 20:10 Earth Light Activation Code. The codes are present in all Earth Beings; we are simply connecting with you and switching the codes on, so that you can take a huge leap on your evolutionary process. Your knowledge and wisdom will alter, your understanding of the World as you currently see and feel it will also change considerably as your light is empowered in a more physically awakened state. (channelled 20/1/10)

This activation code will be channelled with the support and guidance of Ascended Master Sanat Kumara who, working with Commander Ashtar will help you to integrate these codes into the Earth. They will then walk with you for the following 21 days to help you to feel, to stop, take a breath and simply Be, and as you simply Be you will begin to realise you feel and are free.

The value of this code is £25.

The first wave of energy will connect with you at 10am, you may feel this energetically or if you are busy you may not notice. There will be a second wave at approximately 2pm, again, if you are able to focus on this great but if it is not possible please do not worry. For the final wave of light activation we ask that you be ready to fully ground the new codes through your Being, therefore your effort is to simply be present energetically at 10pm on the 10th February 2010, be relaxed in a comfortable place to allow your body to completely ground the activation process, this will take approximately 30 minutes to fully activate the code within the cells of your whole body and complete your grounding to Earth.

On the 10th February, we will email you with a picture representation of the activation code created by Shekinah Melchizedek, at some point between 10am and 10pm take some time to look, focus and assimilate the vibration of the picture representation, this will aide the awakening and grounding process. You will also receive a guided meditation that you can use in the 21 days following the transmission.

For the following 3 days be extremely gentle with yourself as your body adjusts to the new information flowing through, be aware that Sanat Kumara and Commander Ashtar are walking with you, talk to them, ask for help and give yourself time to focus on issues that are uncomfortable for you and feel how they begin to shift and wash away.

We are available on email if you would like any support, have any questions or wish to share your experience (we love hearing your experiences).

If you wish to receive this transmission please visit http://www.ascendingangels.com/workshops.asp thank you.

Ascending Angels

Ascending Angels provide a healing solution to all those they meet. Through their Healing Workshops and Events they offer their clients the opportunity to make great positive changes to their life.

Working within various companies, Ascending Angels provide a quality service promoting healing to help clients focus, adapt and transform dreams into achieveable goals.

With a history in business, remedial massage and a combined healing experience of over 18 years Ascending Angels offer a professional caring aid for balancing your mind, body and soul.

Ascending Angels work with many Divine Light Beings who are connecting to us all here on Earth from a lighter vibration, Divine Light Beings such as Ascended Masters and Archangels. Through their Healing Workshops Ascending Angels offer attunements to connect you to these Divine Light Beings and the Healing they channel.

Ascending Angels offer various workshops and events in London, Kent and occasionally Europe and USA.

If you would like to discuss how Ascending Angels can help you please email us at: -